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Hi, I'm Akilah

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I’m a healer, communicator, and the creator of #slaytheclutter. My services provide a safe place where you can feel at peace searching within yourself. If you’re ready to get to the core of who you are, I can help.


I Help You Clear the Way for Cleaner Spaces

I am a healer.

I am the Chief Clutterslayer.

I solve the problem of miscommunication that starts within oneself.


Introducing #Slaytheclutter Sessions

When you sign up for my #slaytheclutter Sessions, I will help you find ways to communicate better with yourself and then take that newfound clarity and apply it to others and the world around you. I will help you learn your voice and how to use it.

I guide people into better decision-making habits, how to not to be indecisive, and how to speak the truth in love.

I am here to take the fear out of honesty.

Healing of this nature is my life's calling.

Slaytheclutter Session Guidelines

Explore the following guidelines to get a better sense of what to expect during our time together.

1. Confession

This is where complete honesty finds its space. There is no judgment in a #slaytheclutter Session so you do not need to fear about what I might think or believe.

2. Conversation
3. Next Steps


The Healing Circle

Before I enter into any session and on a weekly basis, I go into what I call “The Healing Circle.”


What is The Healing Circle?

This is where I prepare myself for the session/situations presented to me.


During this quiet time:

I clear out my thought space through meditation and prayer. In this time, I may get a message from the Spirit for myself or my client that will help them with their current situation.  If I am notified about the situation ahead of time, I will present it to the circle for resolution. I offer guidance, clarity and most of the time a listening ear so I am looking for direction as to what my steps will be. I stay in mediation until I am at peace about the situations presented to me.

There is no time limit for the circle. It lasts as long as needed. This is about “The Soul” and that is all I am concerned about.

Ready to Get Started?

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This motto that encompasses all aspects of who I am and what I can help you achieve.

This site and my services are perfect for people who love things that are neat (even if they struggle with being neat), who love things spiritual (God, The Universe, The Spirit...), and who love and believe in Self-Empowerment (honesty, communication, leveling up, finding your voice, etc.).

If this resonates with you, you’re in the right space.


I am a healer.

I am a recovering anxiety addict. I say recovering because it is almost like AA if you are not careful you can ALWAYS regress. I have to be vigilant and alert about my mental space and I protect it at every cost. In 2015, I suffered from some of the worse on anxiety I had ever faced in my life.

Bright hallways with wicker chair against a wall.Getting out of that was about the survival of the fittest not only for me but for my unborn child with who I was pregnant with at the time. During this time I was so angry. Like "WHY am I going through this?!" I know why now.

It was for Slaytheclutter.

The Birth of My Business

This business was birthed out of that very dark place I was in. I am extremely grateful for those moments. Gratitude and “You DESERVE a clean space” were the tools I used and I want to share that with the world.

I have the first-hand experience of knowing what a cluttered mind is like and how harmful it is to evolution and growth. Most of the people I attract need assistance clearing out the corners, whether they are emotional or physical. I am not a therapist by profession but I do counseling people out of their mess.

How I Help You

I have worked with individuals privately on a 1:1 basis and in group settings (workshops). What I do IS NOT a substitute for therapy. If anything, what I do is in ADDITION to therapy if an individual chooses to go to therapy.

I am great at guiding people into making decisions. I can get even the most indecisive person to make a decision that is right for them and not uncomfortable or based on what other people think.

If this speaks to you and you are ready to slay the clutter in your life, contact me now to schedule your free 15-minute "Get to Know You" session.

Free "Get to Know You" Session

Take the next step by scheduling a 15 minute "Get to Know You" session.


Number one. I am an avid reader. I love to read.

Dark green leaves with rain on them.

Plant on a wooden table.

I love to walk. My goal is to some day walk in a centurion race which is 100 miles. Yikes!
I love all types of music. Trap, reggae, gospel, old, old, old music, lol.

Dark green leaves.

Number one. I am an avid reader. I love to read.

Dark green leaves with rain on them.

I love to walk. My goal is to some day walk in a centurion race which is 100 miles. Yikes!

Candle and plants on a marble table.

I love all types of music. Trap, reggae, gospel, old, old, old music, lol.

Dark green leaves.


If you're new here

The Journal

The Journal is a great place to start.

The journal serves as a daily guide to what living the Slaytheclutter lifestyle encompasses:

Intentional Gratitude, Complete Honesty, and Clean Spaces.

Daily Inspiration

In addition to my services, you can find more inspiration on my blog/vlog and my Instagram.

Ready for Your Clean Space?

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